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is my shoe art?

[new boots]
is my shoe art? it is most certainly a design classic, with the tough, trademark yellow stitching and the air cushion soles, on which it reassuringly says ‘made in england’… these boots are not just made for walking anywhere, they are built for the road… there is something so very uplifting to the spirit [...]

on found drawings and lost paintings

i went out for a little lichen reconnaissance yesterday; i had to remind myself just how diminutive these living, symbiotic organisms called lichens really are, having lost somewhat any sense of the true scale of the situation… but whilst there i discovered some particularly fascinating found drawings…

i shall try to explain why these are unlike [...]

on achieving a perfect lichen-ness [part two]

the lichen-ness continues, though not that much further on in the process…

lichenscape I (a working title) has suffered some surface erosion, in the manner of the real elements – i am not scared. many years ago a tutor at art college said that that one had to push the image-making to the point of almost [...]