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modern rustic iii

from a series of twenty five paintings on wood [not in the woods]

[paintings on wood, 2015, 15cm x 15cm]

this is one of my favourite found painting abstract photographs, taken somewhere along the embankment near tate modern: sticky tape residues of previous flypostings, the concrete patina of urban decay.

modern rustic ii

two more very small paintings [15cm x 15cm] from the grid series of twenty five paintings.
thinking maybe the rusty hulls of moored boats or the weathered tarpaulins at southwold harbour filtered through in my textural colourations?
i found one picture that seems to relate: [one of my photographic found paintings]

two things [or notes to self]:
[1] thinking about [...]

modern rustic i

three small paintings…

…from a series of twenty five paintings [2015, all on wood, displayed in a grid]. i enjoyed painting them and it is nice to look at the photographs again. i think they pretty much sum up my personal style of ‘painting’ – textured, slightly weathered, some imperfections – favouring the abstract, much influenced [...]