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the little canvas on the prairie

another episode in the creative space-time continuum conveniently afforded by my virtually travelling small iCons series… shown here in the now customary small canvas pose…

prairie 2011, 13cm x 13cm
i completed four more icon canvases last weekend, this here little prairie being just one of them, the others i might reveal in due course… the iCons [...]

small change

a small change on my art for sale page… the studio gallery or little picture shop, a humble means of generating some creative commerce in the digital age, some intended artfulness, a place for the curious to browse or buy, the small shop for art that i quietly oversee and very occasionally promote.
if you can [...]

a little something for the weekend

may i introduce to you another small installment in my virtual world travelogue..? here is another mixed media abstract on paper on canvas, in the ongoing series of diminutive travelling icons or iCons. this one is entitled venezia…

venezia, 2010, 13cm x 13cm x 3cm, intaglio collagraph on paper on canvas

venezia is one of a new [...]