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more art made by mother nature

an altogether more natural artistic intervention in the landscape -  the somewhat startling sight first witnessed on a sunday drive to the supermarket – a short stretch of rambling hedgerow wrapped in a fine, gossamer grey web. i passed the spot on two further occasions, and on the third drive-by pulled over to take a [...]

snowbound in a sketchbook, once again

it was the early morning shock of seeing a thin film of ice on the inside of the windows that prompted a couple of snowy walkabouts this week… for some exercise, some fresh air, to warm up, an excuse perhaps to think more about and reconnect with this rural landscape…

a hill and some snow, acrylic [...]

framing june [in a sketchbook]

some sketches of some local views, in the course of cycling to places… it pays to set off early, so as not to be too late.. these sketchbook drawings are 29cm x 10cm…

[small copse and wheat field - light rain from the north, quite breezy...]

[a lane and a meadow, ox-eye daisies swaying in the breeze]

[field [...]