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orford ness

i have wanted to visit Orford Ness for ages, but a planned trip never materialised until last week.
the artist Anya Gallaccio was recently commissioned to create a series of new works for this year’s SNAP exhibition, at Snape Maltings and at Orford Ness, as part of the Aldeburgh Arts Festival and the WW1 centenary [14-18 [...]

on having a heart to art

having a heart to art…

heart-shaped pebbles from a day at the coast

more pebbles found on another beach trip (note the small ‘J’)

my collection of heart pebbles in 2010

an ink drawing of three pebbles

ink drawing of three pebbles
[available if anyone wishes to purchase at a favourable price...]

another ink drawing of two pebbles (not for sale)

gold pebbles [...]

on drawing, light-heartedly

[three pebbles, ink pen on watercolour paper, 29.5cm x 15cm]

my pebbles display cabinet – it used to be a coffee table, that i made myself – it’s a picture frame on legs.

i will draw every single one of these pebbles eventually, in different permutations, but i’m not counting, just yet…