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inside art, out in the garden, again

i took some of these small paintings on paper for a little walk to the end of the garden this week…

to the shaded spot where the rust continues to grow and bloom in many hues of red, orange, brown, violet and grey…

where a light dusting of green mould or algae turns the old reclaimed wood [...]

mouldscapes, in more detail

nine mouldscapes; these are mixed media on wood panel, 15cm x 15cm x 4cm…

here are three of the panels, photographed at a jaunty angle…

mouldscape I (side-ish view)

mouldscape II (side-ish view)

mouldscape III (side-ish view)
and all nine mouldscape panels, full on…

mouldscape I

mouldscape II

mouldscape III

mouldscape IV

mouldscape V

mouldscape VI

mouldscape VII

mouldscape VIII

mouldscape IX
these small paintings on panel are currently on [...]

around the world in one hundred abstracts

Continuing with my virtual travels… I have been using colour, google maps and other tools to determine cultural or geographical locations to visit. These works are becoming small mementos to those virtual journeys – travelling around the world in one hundred abstracts…

I have selected these five abstracts as part of my wall exhibit for the [...]