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green things

[big sheds, sketchbook]

[collagraph print]

[woodland, sketchbook]

[shredded paper & oil pigment on wood]


[small painting on wood]

[small paintings on wood]

[monotype monoprints]

[very small paintings on half-size A7 postcards]

[collagraph intaglio print]

[yellow field, green field, sketchbook]


[painting on wood]

[moss landscape]

on going green, again

introducing three new small works on wood panel, entitled (out of the) wood/shed I, II and III…

for a little intrigue & mystery i thought i would covertly spy on my own art…

trying to get a closer look at the intricate works of green… what are they and how is it done?

well, from wood to pulp [...]

six abstract painters : a private view

walking past st mary’s churchyard from the marketplace towards the new exhibition ‘six abstract painters‘ at the halesworth gallery, this is what you will first see – a most charming grade II listed building, built in 1686 (or perhaps earlier). as with a lot of very old buildings they are altered and rebuilt over the centuries [...]