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rca secret exhibition 2011

a short while back i spent an afternoon making some new postcard artworks for the rca secret exhibition 2011. i cannot, of course, show you any pictures of these new postcards because it is a secret art sale, but here are my secret art postcards from rca secret 2010.

[rca secret postcards 2010, signed & dated [...]

off the wall, on the exhibition

this is the barn wall (at blackthorpe), all four metres of it (although it doesn’t look it), the barn wall which i encountered a while back, where i would have to display (and since have) my art for the new ‘artworks’ exhibition.

there is so much surface ‘activity’ and ‘incident’ in this stretch of barn wall [...]

on breaking the mould

this is a papier maché decorative bowl – one of a series that i made as a supporting sideline to my artistic practice soon after graduation from art school.

[papier maché bowl, c.1993]
my papier maché objects were influenced by things I saw in books, artefacts in local museums, and stories of Anglo-Saxon hoards such as Sutton [...]