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on a small painting, out of the woods

this is a small abstract painting on watercolour paper, completed a couple of months back. it’s for the forthcoming ‘mini artworks prize draw’ in the artworks exhibition. the sombre, muted colours and vertical, layered striations in this small painting appear to be slightly influenced by my time sketching trees and bark in local woodlands.

[wildwood [...]

on vacant and empty landscapes

Thinking more about yesterday and the upcoming Art Auction, I thought perhaps I should see it as another platform for art – a lost leader of sorts – no monetary gain but good exposure… I will be putting in this work…

Crag I, mixed media on panel, 30cm x 90cm, 2007
Here is a close up of [...]

into the woods

some sketchbook studies in ink pen… first it was water and now it is wood; this could be the start of something quite elemental…
i have been given permission to visit some private woodlands to do some sketching over the next few months, but the last few days have been taken [...]