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birdsong in the garden

yesterday afternoon, while i was sat outside in the sunshine (after doing some gardening) i decided on impulse to make a short audio recording (on my mobile phone) of the myriad sounds of the birds and their twittering birdsong in the garden together with the sounds from the woods just over the fence…
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on a small painting, out of the woods

this is a small abstract painting on watercolour paper, completed a couple of months back. it’s for the forthcoming ‘mini artworks prize draw’ in the artworks exhibition. the sombre, muted colours and vertical, layered striations in this small painting appear to be slightly influenced by my time sketching trees and bark in local woodlands.

[wildwood [...]

one for the birds

i was quietly sitting in the garden one sunny afternoon and very soon spied the covert movements of a wood pigeon making a nest. this particular garden bird rustled in the top of the spindly bamboo with a furious flapping of wings, with a slightly ungainly, shuffling side-step manoeuvre along a very slim-looking branch, finally hopping [...]