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little birds

little birds…

I am still baffled by the mystery of how man has an independent life from woman, whereas I die when separated from my lover. While all these threads of desire and tenderness stifled me, I climbed into a giant bird and swooped toward space. Up here I do not suffer. Distance is magically covered. [...]

going outside, again

outside, again – this time, in the garden…

[into the garden, on the garden table] fragments #2 2014, 5cm x 4cm

[and up again, on the shed wall] fragments #2 2014, 5cm x 4cm

[getting closer] fragments #2 2014, 5cm x 4cm
with over fifty miniscule collages to share with big wide world [as an acquaintance artist friend so [...]

on artworks and two small paintings

the artworks annual exhibition opens this weekend at blackthorpe barn in the heart of rural suffolk. i am one of thirty artists exhibiting new work in this art exhibition.
[edit: i would like to mention here of my gratitude for the encouragement and support i have received this year in the continuation of my membership of [...]