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on blackbirds, nests, and the garden

over the last week a few hours have been spent out in the garden, on some required ‘tidying-up tasks’, pruning back overgrown hedges and shrubs, fixing up fences (there is always more work to do, it seems).
back in the summer i took these two photographs of a blackbird’s nest that i had discovered in one [...]

on found drawings and lost paintings

i went out for a little lichen reconnaissance yesterday; i had to remind myself just how diminutive these living, symbiotic organisms called lichens really are, having lost somewhat any sense of the true scale of the situation… but whilst there i discovered some particularly fascinating found drawings…

i shall try to explain why these are unlike [...]

s is for seeing, a sign

chanced upon, in the ‘city’, the discarded ‘trim’ of a payslip – it is, after all, that time of the month…

i was there to attend a workshop, and even with a map to guide me there, i was looking more at the pavement, equipped with my camera in the hope that the textures of the [...]