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some exhibition news

musn’t grumble, i have some exhibitions coming up over the summer…

NCA10 at The Forum, Norfolk Contemporary Art Society, 1 to 21 July 2010. NCA10 is a curated exhibition of work from artists of the NCAS, including painting, photography, ceramics and mixed media. Open daily, free admission. All work is for sale.
Textures, Traces & Elements at [...]

on hoping; it’s a pony

it’s been about twenty five years since i decided i would be an artist… twenty five is a relevant number today, wikipedia helpfully defines it as ‘the natural number following 24 and preceding 26‘…
in the year 2025 i hope i will still be working as an artist, living in a very big house, making very [...]

notes from an exhibition

As I was passing through the marketplace towards the forum building in Norwich, to revisit the exhibition Elements: Man and the Environment on its final day, I passed by a secondhand book stall, and, after a few minutes browsing the shelves, came across the novel Notes from an Exhibition by Patrick Gale – perhaps, with [...]