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the return of the relics

[looking in, from the outside]

[stacked fragments]

[wall fragments]

[intaglio print]

[intaglio print]

[blind embossing on paper]

[intaglio collagraph prints]

from the imperfect/circle project: liminal, on the brink, success, failure, beautiful, ugly, perfect, flawed, incomplete, whole, insignificant, valued, sacred, discarded, lost, saved, broken, mended. strange relics…

ever increasing circles

Some recent printmaking experiments – intaglio prints made from some worn and discarded sandpaper discs that I have been collecting for a while.

[prints, proofs and other experiments on the wall]
Rather than retaining their perfectly circular shapes, I have instead been tearing and distressing the paper edges, as I print and reprint the proofs.

[eroded sandpaper used [...]

intaglio, to go

i have been feeling somewhat under-the-weather (by the cold, with a cold) during my break from the day job … so after christmas i have really pushed on with something that i have been meaning to do for some time.. to make something of all the prints from my collagraphs (i constructed them exactly one [...]