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ad libitum exhibition at the apex gallery

news on a new exhibition…

[ad libitum art exhibition]
Ad Libitum is a term which refers to a personal approach to the interpretation of a musical score (at will, as one pleases). Ten leading East Anglian artists, who belong to the Artworks group, have been given a “free hand” to exhibit work that is typical of their [...]

seven ways at wymondham arts centre

Four very small paintings in the Seven Ways art exhibition, which has just opened at Wymondham* Arts Centre.

My large painting, lichenscape, and some of my wabi sabi relic bowls on display…

four farmscape paintings…

Seven Ways features the work of seven contemporary East Anglian artists, united by friendship and their connection to the Waveney Valley.
The seven artists in ‘Seven [...]

off the wall, on the exhibition

this is the barn wall (at blackthorpe), all four metres of it (although it doesn’t look it), the barn wall which i encountered a while back, where i would have to display (and since have) my art for the new ‘artworks’ exhibition.

there is so much surface ‘activity’ and ‘incident’ in this stretch of barn wall [...]