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on taking a walk around the square

it has been twenty years since my first artworks using squares. it is quite a scary thought that i haven’t (except in drawing) ever deviated from this pictorial format – as mentioned many times the concept of akind of objectification and visual containment ensues. however, i have been quietly contemplating the square’s more rounded friend for [...]

on art and photography, regained

photographic images rescued from a camera; hidden layers of digital data, memory extracted and reclaimed – digitally collaged fragments of erased photographs that were previously recorded (or found) then deleted (lost), now recovered again…
i obviously did not plan to create these actual compositions but i am their originator…

in this first digital composition there are three [...]

some printmaking, old and new

a few weeks back i attended a one day lithography workshop at the curwen press with three other artists, valerie armstrong, jenny goater and lynn hutton, organised through the art group artworks. valerie has very kindly sent me a cd of the photographs that were taken of our day at the curwen studio. it was [...]