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on decay, in blue, brown and grey

a blue, brown and grey ‘lost and found’ decay painting (detail)

a coppery brown ‘lost and found’ decay painting (detail)

brown and grey paintings are quite difficult to sell apparently – probably even less so when they are about decline and decay.
so, my advice is don’t try this at home, as it will only make you miserable and [...]

mind over matter

the surfaces of the sculptural ‘woodwork’ pieces have progressed which has in turn inspired something else…

see previous states of this work in progress here: on making art again and not a painting, not a sculpture.
on the much smaller panels (gesso on wood), there is a deep bloom of patina, quite muted and monochromatic at the [...]

the art of something

traditional gesso on some wood panels, scavenged offcuts from last year. these panels have dried very slowly during the cold, damp days of winter, but the surfaces feel cool and delicately smooth, and when the light fades i get even closer to the surface.
it’s a start, a new beginning, the art of something, in the [...]