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a month of may days

a month of may days…
some pages from my current A6 notebook/sketchbook; a slight return to the elements of wood and water (after trips out to the coast and into constable country)

[drawing, graphite pencil & watercolour on paper, 14cm x 20cm]

[drawing, indian ink & watercolour on paper, 14cm x 20cm]

[small sketchbook]

[drawing, graphite pencil & watercolour on [...]

in constable country, again

last year, i wrote that i planned to make a winter visit to constable country. well, dear reader, i did make a special visit to ‘Constable country’ in early march, which as any British person or Englishman will unhappily remind you if asked, still felt like the depths of winter. it was a bright day, [...]

in constable country

this is a small toy farm trailer or cart (or hay wain) situated inside a much larger, rusty farm trailer (or hay wain) – it would probably look quite effective with a muddy puddle. this photograph is not a deliberate social comment on farming but is more the result of chance, circumstance & a small [...]