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g is for…

gee whizz! a tiny pebble, about 1cm x 2cm. it’s a pity i couldn’t see the camera screen clearly to take a good picture of it in situ, but still… there it was.
got to be lucky.

j is for…

just sitting on the beach one lunchtime when i saw this pebble.

three minutes later i saw another pebble, so i placed the first pebble with second pebble. it could have gone on and on like this but i had to head back inland.

i now have fifteen ‘j’ pebbles – what the ‘ell..?

home correspondence

a good artist friend has sent me some pictures of one of her recent sculptural assemblages with one of my miniature abstract collages – comparing the surface, colour and texture of the small sculpture with the collage: blue, pale green, grey, rusty red-brown.

it was a lovely surprise to see one of my tiny collage cards [...]