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blue sky, and thinking [again]

It has been very warm and sunny all this week, with a heatwave forecast for next week. I am finding this quite odd, when contrasted with the knowledge of a volcanic dust plume from an Icelandic volcano drifting grey ash clouds at high altitude above most of Northern Europe. With no incoming or outbound flights [...]

on van gogh, trees, skies and birds

I went to see the current crowd-pulling exhibition at The Royal Academy this week, The Real van Gogh: The Artist and his Letters…. What person doesn’t feel an affinity with the life and work of Vincent? The passion, the determination, the frustration, the rejection, the anxiety, the joy and the sadness. I have been twice [...]

prints and drawings

one of the lichenscapes etchings, proofed in colour…

[etchings, proofs on various papers]

another road trip; subsequently did some while looking out of the window sketches to while away the seated hours, in what could possibly be the smallest functioning sketchbook, at only 10cm square…

[miniature sketchbook, with tesco pen]

[miniature sketchbook pages]

[field and sky drawing one]

[field and sky [...]