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small change

a small change on my art for sale page… the studio gallery or little picture shop, a humble means of generating some creative commerce in the digital age, some intended artfulness, a place for the curious to browse or buy, the small shop for art that i quietly oversee and very occasionally promote.
if you can [...]

inside art, out in the garden, again

i took some of these small paintings on paper for a little walk to the end of the garden this week…

to the shaded spot where the rust continues to grow and bloom in many hues of red, orange, brown, violet and grey…

where a light dusting of green mould or algae turns the old reclaimed wood [...]

on art, painting stripes, and wabi sabi

two small abstract(ed) paintings on paper from the 100 paintings on paper experiment (now known informally as the ‘chromatids’) there are one hundred of these small paintings but i do not think these two paintings have made an appearance here before.

LXIII and XLVII, painting on paper, 15cm x 15cm
these two small paintings can be viewed [...]