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unwrapped, art for christmas

a short while back i was invited to contribute some small art for a christmas exhibition.

so, i made these, especially… diminutive free-standing square abstracts on canvas, which will be in the 2011 christmas art exhibition at the harleston gallery.
last year’s bumper christmas show was a great success, despite the hard times, perhaps because it was [...]

the bumper christmas art show

400+ affordable artworks by 40 artists… here are some pictures from the current exhibition at the harleston gallery…

the warm colours and energetic brushwork in this small painting in the downstairs café gallery immediately caught my eye: ‘willow tree’ by the notable painter gill levin, oil on board. gill levin trained at the chelsea school of [...]

winner takes all

in the little art giveaway…
thank you to all those that either wrote to me or commented with regard to my recent postcard art giveaway – you can read more about the little art giveaway here…

[three postcard paintings, 2010]
now, to be utterly reasonable i obviously ignored the 1929 spiced-ham comments caught in the net since late [...]