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on decay, in blue, brown and grey

a blue, brown and grey ‘lost and found’ decay painting (detail)

a coppery brown ‘lost and found’ decay painting (detail)

brown and grey paintings are quite difficult to sell apparently – probably even less so when they are about decline and decay.
so, my advice is don’t try this at home, as it will only make you miserable and [...]

if only paintings could talk

Congo 2010, mixed media collagraph on paper on canvas, 5″ x 5″ x 1.5″
‘Congo’ is another very small work on canvas. I like the idea that it should be experienced as a small fragment, a precious last offering. In very minimalist terms, the central stripe could symbolise a path through a forest. Felled trees, stripped [...]

a theory of colour

[all about brown...]
more of my experiments in colour and texture, now signed, dated, numbered, scanned and digitised.. it’s a curious thing; some want to be landscape, as i begin to see the inevitable influence of fields, horizons, tracks, hedgerows and fences.. others orientate themselves into a vertical format, reminding me more of barn structures, doors, [...]