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another painting, incidentally

in nine equal parts, shown in a random order (some surface incidents) – it takes a perfectionist to appreciate the small imperfections…
these nine ‘parts’ together comprise one of my series of small paintings called edgescapes. i found, or unearthed, four edgescape panels in a semi-completed state (luckily not consigned to the trash), and this particular painting on [...]

more grey sky thinking, out of the blue

more cloud gazing this week, torrential rain all day on tuesday (a typically british summer’s day) – this was the view from the window at about 6pm…

a room with a view
i hadn’t really noticed how prominent these power lines were before; my days must be slowly draining of any meaningful structure if i get distracted [...]

small country living

I cycled ten miles yesterday… passed these farm buildings on my return (first noted on the outward journey)… not particularly thrilled with these sketches as they were quite rushed; about fifteen minutes or so for the first two, less for the last one…

[barn and sheds, seen from the roadside]

[barn buildings, near a bend]

[farm buildings, viewed [...]