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building blocks

[some of my pictures]
corrugation and concrete, building blocks, big sheds, barns and outbuildings
some interesting shapes and colours, esp. in the light of a bright winter’s day

two of a kind

two very small abstract collages of a quietly rustic nature, created by means of assembling very small fragments of paper, paint, card, small fragments as previously found or occurring and collected hereabouts, more presently reclaimed, reused and recycled, otherwise known simply as frugal collage.
somewhat styled (unavoidably) in the manner (or manor) of rural ways and [...]

more collage in miniature, outside in

more on miniature collage… inside (in making) and outside (in situ)

[miniature collages, making progress; paint, paper & card fragments]

[miniature collage in relief]

[very small constructed collages on an easel]

[collage mounted on watercolour card, on an easel, with pencils]

[miniature rustic fragments constructed collage, rust as background]

[very small collage mounted on watercolour card, outside]

[four small collages on watercolour [...]