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home correspondence

a good artist friend has sent me some pictures of one of her recent sculptural assemblages with one of my miniature abstract collages – comparing the surface, colour and texture of the small sculpture with the collage: blue, pale green, grey, rusty red-brown.

it was a lovely surprise to see one of my tiny collage cards [...]

from art house to art home

i’ve been doing some country living, not country living as in residing in the agricultural hinterlands, I mean Country Living, the magazine. I was perusing some back copies recently (I am taking a textiles class soon) and one can’t help but admire (and wish for) some of the beautiful houses and gardens… the rustic hues [...]

Homes and Interiors

Photographs of some of my work around the home, a little interior decoration, art house styling… starting from top left to right (as they do in home style magazines)… handmade collage cards on retro coffee table, the paintings meld, crag and mire, detail of the painting mire with Oleander plant, detail of the painting fire [...]