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buy none, get another one free!

introducing another very small drawing on a postcard art giveaway – it’s free art for a friday, or #FAFAF..!

[untitled drawing on a postcard, 10.3cm x 14.5cm]
this small drawing on a postcard is closely related to the previous small drawing on a postcard art giveaway. there are/were three postcard drawings; i think i will be keeping [...]

buy none, get one free : winner!

[drawing on a postcard, rotated]
last week i announced i would be giving away this small ink and acrylic drawing – yes, a super-saving summer offer of buy none, get one free!
thank you to those who expressed an interest in this ‘doodle’ drawing by leaving a comment.

[click to view larger]
with just four names in the ‘hat’, the [...]

buy none, get one free!

drawing on postcard, acrylic, ink and pen on heavy duty card, 104mm x 147mm [click image to view larger]
this drawing on a postcard is from a while back, originally drawn for the RCA secret exhibition in november 2010, but i didn’t send it. the art postcards i sent instead can be seen here: some secrets revealed…
this [...]