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mind over matter

the surfaces of the sculptural ‘woodwork’ pieces have progressed which has in turn inspired something else…

see previous states of this work in progress here: on making art again and not a painting, not a sculpture.
on the much smaller panels (gesso on wood), there is a deep bloom of patina, quite muted and monochromatic at the [...]

on achieving a perfect lichen-ness [part two]

the lichen-ness continues, though not that much further on in the process…

lichenscape I (a working title) has suffered some surface erosion, in the manner of the real elements – i am not scared. many years ago a tutor at art college said that that one had to push the image-making to the point of almost [...]

on losing focus and seeing things

I have been playing with a few landscape digital photographs, having not pursued much in the way of any painting or drawing this week…

A few filters applied here and there, playing with digital effects up to the point of image dissolution… i am interested in the notion of blindness or visual impairment and the many classifications [...]