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exhibition at aldeburgh gallery : britten centenary

ahoy there..! after being all at sea for a while, it was nice to be invited to contribute some small artworks for a group exhibition at the aldeburgh gallery, buoyantly entitled britten’s birthday bonanza, which opens later this week on the special occasion of the britten centenary celebrations this weekend – as friday 22nd november 2013 [...]

artworks, a private view

It was the private view of the second Spring exhibition of Artworks yesterday evening. It was very well attended with well over 150 guests arriving over the two or so hours – all helped no doubt by a lovely, balmy spring evening.

Farmscape II, 2010, mixed media on canvas
There was a policy not to take photographs [...]

from coast to coast

[sketchbook drawing - the north sea - graphite on paper]
i found time to do some drawing in between other things… was sat only about four or five feet from the white foam of the waves and so there is no horizon visible… prior to this larger sea sketch, i did some very quick blind [...]