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on decay, in blue, brown and grey

a blue, brown and grey ‘lost and found’ decay painting (detail)

a coppery brown ‘lost and found’ decay painting (detail)

brown and grey paintings are quite difficult to sell apparently – probably even less so when they are about decline and decay.
so, my advice is don’t try this at home, as it will only make you miserable and [...]

hands that do dishes

another papier mache vessel, 2011

a small object of survival..

upturned, after the storm…

washed up, weathered and worn…

art or craft, handled with care…

one lonely relic, rescued from the past…

view more papier mache wabi sabi bowls here..

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this… it’s a very small papier mache bowl, the first one of a few that i have have been making. this paper bowl has a green-blue-grey stone-like patina with a tarnished gold interior…

this paper bowl has been inspired by my interest in primitive & prehistoric art, raku ceramics & the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi Sabi [...]