some notes on plagiarism

i am flattered by your interest in my art blog. perhaps something you were searching for on google has brought you here for the very first time. i would like to state that this collection of musings, opinions, reasonings and other interpretations (even when brief, ambiguous or inconclusive) is all my own work.

however, i don’t like it when some individuals decide to emulate what i have expressed here without any acknowledgement, when it has influenced less informed, sometimes amateur efforts. a few incidents of copying have recently been brought to my attention and in some of these cases they appear to be praised for their sudden outbursts of creativity, sensitivity and insight while i receive none. it may not be absolute plagiarism in law but it looks and feels much the same. they should have known better and they should have given me credit, that’s all.

it seems particularly offensive when my personal ideas and philosophies, as expressed in the complexity of language and art, is such a precious and hard-won thing. this blog is not perfect or rigorously academic, but it is my work and i spend time refining what and how i want to express myself as an artist (as other artist bloggers will attest to). as an aside, the use of lower-caps has become a rebellious habit of mine to infer the personal or informal aspect of journalling, but it seems to have ’stuck’ as a style, as i am not a natural typist.

plagiarism, in its broadest sense, is passing off other people’s work, their opinions, thoughts or ideas as your own opinions, thoughts or ideas. sometimes, it is with the intent to impress others, to dishonestly infer that their skills, abilities or insights are better  than they actually are. in other cases it is using other’s original work for your own personal needs or gain without giving due credit or attribution to the original source.

little can be done to stop acts of blind copying in the free-for-all online culture we have come to know in our lives, but the general problem of plagiarism seems to be getting worse as time & technology progresses. therefore, please respect the generous (and free) means in which myself or other artist bloggers of integrity may wish to express or share their creative world. should you wish to reference any of this blog’s content on another blog or website then thank you, but a credit and a backlink is always required as a minimum form of acknowledgement.

if you are reading this article and thinking: i read blogs for ideas because i am trying to learn more about how to make art, then perhaps you have learnt something about plagiarism too and how it affects all of us. always give credit where it’s due…