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a small change on my art for sale page… the studio gallery or little picture shop, a humble means of generating some creative commerce in the digital age, some intended artfulness, a place for the curious to browse or buy, the small shop for art that i quietly oversee and very occasionally promote.

if you can spare some change you might be interested to know that these small paintings are now listed in british £££ – although you can opt to pay in whatever currency you choose; worldwide Paypal will do the currency conversion automatically (which is nice)…

Abstract Painting. Mustard, Turquoise, Olive, Grey Stripes

LXXIX 2009, abstract stripes painting on paper [click to view more small paintings]

a big part of the online shopping experience is waiting for the special parcel to duly arrive, wrapped up in all the anticipation & excitement of receiving a gift that you really wanted…

FJORD modern abstract canvas art
fjord 2010 [click to view details]

to celebrate the small change in my shop, there is free p&p to anywhere in the UK mainland…

Modern Art BOOKMARKS five abstracts

[bookmarks, for books, naturally enough]

my online art shop is really an extension of my art studio, a selection of small abstracts on paper and even smaller works on canvas – of which, if you are one that has visited this blog before, might know a little about when and how they came about. these are all small, experimental works which are more process-oriented but they relate to (and perhaps even influence) my other paintings…

Small Abstract Painting. Grey Brown Teal Blue stripes
xciv, 2009 [click to view in my gallery shop]

in my art for sale shop you can view some of the original chromatids, a series of 100 small paintings on paper that were completed between november 2008 and march 2009. these small works are probably the most collectively colourful series of work i have ever created and yet i never outwardly planned to paint them at all – but i do have an ongoing thing about numbers, patterns and squares. i like squares for their impartiality and objectivity…

i usually work with a more subtle or reduced palette of colours on my larger canvases and panels, so this series has been a good exercise to explore colour and texture on this small scale for its own playful & expressive means, and in turn the one hundred paintings later inspired the creation of these distinctive bookmarks – a simple change in format opened up some new ideas to pursue…

Coastal Art BOOKMARKS - abstract designs prints sea shore beach
[a set of five art bookmarks - in subtle browns, blues and greens, liminal and coastal in palette]

also in the gallery shop are some very small, mixed media canvases, from a more recent and ongoing 2010 experimental project (documented here in the blog), the diminutive travel iCons – i have created thirty of these canvases (so far) – type in iCons into the search to discover their own little stories…
modern canvas art. grey pink red violet abstract stripes. TRINIDAD
trinidad 2010 [click to view more]

ok, art for sale promotion over – i always feel a little uneasy doing this, i don’t want to seem too pushy – these are just a few of the things that i have done, things that in their own way make a path to the other art i want to make and do…

for now, i have some new exhibitions to focus on (which i hinted at previously) in the year ahead – but there are no pictures-in-progress because… well, it’s complicated – stuff happened, i thought a lot about it, what to do next… let’s just call this a deliberate episode of photography withdrawal, a creative interlude, a pause in the digital proceedings… purging the senses, a space to think, to write notes or sketch, to doodle and draw, to just make art – just how it used to be… i am always taking a philosophical stance on things…

My field of perception is constantly filled with a play of colours, noises and fleeting tactile sensations which I cannot relate precisely to the context of my clearly perceived world, yet which I nevertheless immediately ‘place’ in the world, without ever confusing them with my daydreams.

Maurice Merleau-Ponty in The Phenomenology of Perception

Please visit the Art for Sale page for available small paintings on paper and canvas.

Thank you for your continued support of my art.


  1. charles
    Posted January 13, 2011 at 2:19 am | Permalink

    happy new year jazz, hope it is a good one for both you and your creativity

  2. Jazz
    Posted January 16, 2011 at 12:09 pm | Permalink

    many thanks for your best wishes charles, much appreciated…