One hundred paintings in a day

I set myself a small challenge to try to create (or at least start on) one hundred small paintings in one day…

All are 6″x6″ on paper… I actually did one hundred and one (having lost count), and they were completed in about seven hours, so that’s about one every four minutes. Some are obviously more finished than others; many more days are needed if these little paintings are to result in anything worthy… evocative tertiary colours such as the red-brown of rust, a lilac grey, teal or a limey green, striated bands of colour with subtle shifts in texture.

What’s it all about? How colour or surface alone has the capacity to engage, how the senses guide you interpret rather than the intellect? So much of contemporary art is intellectually based (or should that be biased), towards the artist revealing something previously unknown? How we should depart from the art more educated and enlightened, wiser for having witnessed its creative revelation firsthand.

In truth, it was a dull, grey day, drizzled with rain… mizzling even. I felt motivated to explore colour, to be more productive and work more quickly since I have procrastinated and laboured so much over the recent large canvas paintings (which are now on exhibition at the Centrepoint building in London until January 13, 2009)…

Less is sometimes more, more or less…

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  1. Ian Foster
    Posted November 7, 2008 at 9:37 am | Permalink

    A fascinating idea and the result is splendid, it gives me a real lift after the weather we have been having.