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Another little pluglet for my inclusion in the upcoming Elements: Man and the Environment exhibition at The Forum, Norwich… and all because of this…

I delivered my work today and was somewhat astounded to see my work super-sized on this billboard poster…

ELEMENTS - art exhibition, the forum, Norwich

Here is a little blurb on this new art exhibition, courtesy of the Forum

Elements is a new exhibition of contemporary art which explores the theme Man and the Environment. With contributions by sixty artists from across the East of England. From the use of found objects and natural materials, to work addressing environmental degradation and the fragility of our natural habitat, the exhibition is a fascinating insight into what the relationship between man and the environment means to these artists.

With over 850 unique works of art to choose from, the judges had a difficult task in selecting the final exhibition. Artists were allowed to submit work in any medium, provided it could be displayed in The Forum and as long as it tied in with the exhibition’s theme. The final decision was made by a prestigious panel composed of the celebrated local artist Colin Self, a pioneer of the 1960s Pop Art Movement; former V&A Director Dame Elizabeth Esteve-Coll and former Principal of Norwich School of Art and Design Professor Bruce W. Black, along with a representative of The Forum Trust.

The exhibition will feature a wide variety of artwork including sculptures, paintings and video media, all exploring the theme ‘Man and the Environment’. Each artist was given free reign to address the complex relationship between man and the natural world in any way they wished.

Elements: Man and the environment is at The Forum, Norwich Tuesday 26th January – Monday 15th February 2010.

Rost had his very first public engagement in London in late 2008, precisely at the time of the financial banking crash in the city of London… very much, perhaps too much in the red

[solo exhibition, Centrepoint Tower, London, November 2008}

and then a little show in July 2009...

[Harleston Gallery - Art Trail taster exhibition)

So, me (or is that myself?) and Rost spent some quiet time together today, before the big trip out to the city... well, you never know...


and here are a couple of pics of 'edgescape : rost', as previously seen in this journal entry.

rost painting - detail
[rost, mixed media on canvas, detail]

roat painting - detail
[rost, mixed media on canvas, detail]

Sometimes, it’s better to be red than dead (Rothkoicism)… Feeling the chill?? try my ‘Rothko Red‘ soup