mist opportunities

There have been some strange, ethereal mists this week in the valley – and quite a lot of flooding in low-lying areas. I took these photographs with my mobile phone. Thinking about it, these photos are somehow more truthful than when I have used a DSLR camera.

Here, there’s no manual focusing, no setting of exposure or white balance, no post-fixing in photoshop, no sharpening, no filters applied, no cropping – just as it was – in all their grainy, washed-out and mundane glory…

suffolk winter mist river
[river and marshes]

suffolk mist winter day lake photograph
[mist at edge of lake, suffolk]

suffolk lake - winter mist - photograph
[mist over lake, early morning, suffolk]

norfolk mist  winter meadow
[flooded misty meadow, norfolk]

norfolk misty winter ploughed field
[misty ploughed field with remains of snow, norfolk]

These are like the landscapes of my childhood memories: of cold, bleak school days, recalling breakfasts of ready-brek and red jam, clinging to the old cast-iron radiators on school ‘rainy day’ break-times, the school canteen reeking of boiled cabbage and liver gravy casserole, and the unbreakable chocolate-flavoured dessert with pink-coloured custard, of hockey fields and cross-country running, of chattering teeth, wet plimsolls, muddy knees and pallid skin, of stale rich tea biscuits and orange squash, drawing on the steamed-up foggy windows of a rattling mini-bus, and then later home watching grange hill and shepherd’s pie for tea.

I wonder if there is group devoted to mundane mobile phone photography on flickr…?


  1. Posted January 26, 2010 at 5:20 pm | Permalink

    Jazz, I really enjoyed these photos. Charles

  2. Posted January 27, 2010 at 8:19 pm | Permalink

    Nice pun, Jazz…I love the manner in which your images have aestheticized the prevailing weather/atmospheric conditions (it’s been like that up here in N Wales too, offering so little ‘daylight’ in which to draw), much better appreciated from the comfort of a photographic distance than out in the raw real thing!
    The play of horizontals & verticals is most pleasing in formal terms, too.