life on mars [a red painting]

painting for Harleston Gallery exhibition Norfolk - by artist Jazz Green
[edgescape rost...]

newly installed for the taster art exhibition HWAT 09 (opens 20 June 2009) at the Harleston Gallery in Norfolk… fellow artists Jane German and David Page hung the diverse range of work beautifully in the five gallery spaces… here, to the left and right of the fireplace are gesso panels by Dinny Turner, and on the right wall some driftwood sculptures and paintings by HWAT guest artist Derek Nice… and a nice leather sofa too (no relation)…

paintings - harleston art trail - artist open studios suffolk norfolk

[edgescape : rost; 95cm x 95cm including frame, gesso and mixed media on canvas]…

i was inspired to take another mission to mars (courtesy of NASA)…

a robotic lander, The Phoenix [as part of the current exploratory Mars Phoenix Mission], has been looking for more evidence of life on mars in the planet’s mineral-rich but arid soils… evidence of salt deposits suggests that there was once water and thus life on mars… i have been enjoying viewing the nasa images of this martian, desert-like environment, composed of expansive volcanic craters, craggy rocks, dry valleys and delta basins… it’s a bit frosty there too, not at all warm as one might assume.. the relative redness is attributed to the red iron oxides present in the soil, and many images of the surface of mars are digitally enhanced with false-color… the potential origins of life are there to see on nasa

so, why on earth do some people twitter on about eating cake (as nice as the cake may be) or whether or not to mow the lawn…?

nasa inspired me to do a miniature surveillance of the surface of my painting edgescape: rost

red abstract textured painting by Jazz Green - rost
[detail 1 of edgescape : rost]

harleston art trail - artists open studios
[detail 2 of edgescape : rost]

painting - part of exhibition for the harleston suffolk norfolk artist open studios art trail 2009
[detail 3 of edgescape : rost]

textured painting by contemporary artist Jazz Green
[detail 4 of edgescape : rost]

rost meaning a strong current or tide, the Germanic origin of rust, meaning red, rost is also a small crater on the surface of the Moon… Mars, known as the red planet, is not truly red… mars red, the whole of life painted in red… fire and fury, power, glory, blood and guts, of war and peace… the blush of ripening fruit, the rush of life, energy, passion, belief, resoluteness, and enlightenment…

edgecape: rost ii is on exhibition at the HWAT taster exhibition (opens this weekend)… and there’s a second taster to follow at the cork brick gallery (small-scale artworks)…

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