displacement activities

preparing painting panels - to be gessoed - in the studio

painting panels for salthouse art exhibition - leaning stacked wood tower

wood panels stacked up in artist studio - zig zag column

25 square wood panels, stacked up in art studio - sculptural twists

wood panels stacked up - a twisting, spiralling column - sculpture - art studio

wood panels piled up - twisting spiral column - sculpture, artist studio - a new arrangement

architectural formation of square wood blocks, painting panels - sculpture in the studio

artist studio - wood blocks stacked up - skyscraper architecture, building sculptural

wood panels stacked up - upright column - sculpture - artist studio

preparing painting panels - to sculpture - in the studio

wood panels neatly stacked up - upright column - sculpture - artist studio

twenty five square wood panels, top surfaces glued and stretched with a layer of muslin, ready for a few coats of traditional handmade gesso (i am very behind schedule with my new work for the salthouse art exhibition)