art, it’s a snap : gavin turk

the first of some photographic snaps taken on a recent visit to see the Snap 2012 exhibition (Art at Aldeburgh Festival) at Snape Maltings… first up, situated close to the car park – L’age d’Or (green) by Gavin Turk

gavin turk, door sculpture, snape maltings

it has the inside/outside dimension, audience interaction and the inevitable question & answer flow of ideas about ‘time & place’ with an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ charm. children and adults like this.

gavin turk, door sculpture, snape maltings, suffolk

why did i think this would be painted bronze? it’s painted wood…

gavin turk, door sculpture, snape maltings, suffolk

some peeling paint…

gavin turk, door sculpture, snape maltings, suffolk

another view of the large door…

the white panel (with viewing window) is by Matthew Darbyshire & Scott King (it’s unclear which part is Matthew’s contribution to the work, assigning the view through the windows?) and it is one of a series of four faux or imagined texts attributed to notable writers or artists, ‘Ways of Sitting’ (a humorous play on ‘Ways of Seeing’):

One current trend in Conceptual art is quite beyond satire. This strand of art is built from disparate and insignificant historical minutiae, that is re-presented as ‘knowledge’. These artists scour Wikipedia in search of ‘rare’ but ‘cool’ information; once they’ve discovered some suitably (and understandably) obscure facts, they re-present the facts in an art gallery. Of course they can’t just re-present these facts in ‘raw form’ – it’s essential that the facts become ‘art commodity’ (video, sculpture, etc). The result is a complex puzzle of abstruse reference points. A hundred reference points, but no actual point… A kind of exploded jigsaw puzzle for the casual Barthes reader perhaps? A parlour game for the curator, critic and collector. I’m unsure if they yet call it ‘Wiki-Art’.

Victor Burgin, Art and Politics : A Reappraisal 30 July 2010

(art, it’s a snap; to be continued…)