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on a small painting, out of the woods

this is a small abstract painting on watercolour paper, completed a couple of months back. it’s for the forthcoming ‘mini artworks prize draw’ in the artworks exhibition. the sombre, muted colours and vertical, layered striations in this small painting appear to be slightly influenced by my time sketching trees and bark in local woodlands.

[wildwood [...]

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this… it’s a very small papier mache bowl, the first one of a few that i have have been making. this paper bowl has a green-blue-grey stone-like patina with a tarnished gold interior…

this paper bowl has been inspired by my interest in primitive & prehistoric art, raku ceramics & the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi Sabi [...]

on blackbirds, nests, and the garden

over the last week a few hours have been spent out in the garden, on some required ‘tidying-up tasks’, pruning back overgrown hedges and shrubs, fixing up fences (there is always more work to do, it seems).
back in the summer i took these two photographs of a blackbird’s nest that i had discovered in one [...]