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more art on postcards, small things...

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very small collages
small collage paintings
wabi sabi relic bowls
collagraph prints [iCons]
lichen drawings
small abstract paintings on paper
mixed media collage [archive]

postcard art by Jazz Green. Artist Postcard Gallery 2.
collage on postcard, 2014 [rca secret] 10cm x 15cm
art collage postcard rustic barn structures by east anglian artist
art postcards abstract collage
art postcards collage
art postcards collage
postcard drawing biomorphic forms
art postcard painting of the sea waves
artist postcard small rustic collage
farmyard abstract structures painting on a postcard art
art postcard very abstract minimal painting blue black for rca secret
art postcard collage rustic suffolk barn structures
art postcard painting in mustard yellow ochre grey and balck for rca secret exhibition
art collage painting abstract barns muted rustic colours
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