[2009] from a series of twenty five small works – salt of the earth – liminal landscapes, coastal erosion, sand, silt, and mud – in the processes of making, inspired the writing of haiku [tiny poems]. textured gesso and glazes on wood panels, 15cm x 15cm. originally exhibited at Salthouse 09 : Salt of the Earth, curated by Simon Martin.
saltscape ii 2009 

limestone rocks
salt trails a scar
in time, healed

saltscape xxi 2009 

the haze cleared, crystalline sky,
salt lakes and tidal pools
melting, silvered silt
saltscape xv 2009 

a rockscape moulded
vestigal traces
marks the slippery way out

saltscape xviii 2009 

the ashes sighed,
mourning the old flame,
murmuring, if only
saltscape vii 2009 

abraded, by seawater and salt
coarse skin, furrowed then frowned
at a more polished reflection

saltscape xiv 2009 

a bloodshot sky
hand in hand,
we returned
saltscape xi 2009 

underground, a stream
of consciousness
pitting perception, flows

saltscape xiii 2009 

in ore, the chromium mire
life lies sleeping
slowly mineralised
saltscape xxv 2009 

bruised rouge, to grey
and clodded clay
clawed deep, the way

saltscape xii 2009 

a disaster area
belches black,
fury inflamed
saltscape xx 2009 

in a waterlogged eden,
the birds took flight
on sensing the eyes of strangers

saltscape xx 2009 

stepping on stones, skipping
the sedimental slabs, water blackened
striated, to the shore