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abstract collage 2013 [1] [2]

small fragments, paper and paint: barns, farms, sheds... read more in my artist journal [blog]

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collage paintings
wabi sabi relic bowls
collagraph prints [iCons]
lichen drawings
abstract paintings on paper
postcard art
mixed media collage [archive]

abstract collage art - by Fine Artist Jazz Green. Collage Gallery.
farm abstract 2 2013
collage, 5cm x 6cm
small abstract collage - by east anglian artist jazz green
rural abstract collage - by artist jazz green, suffolk
small abstract shed barn collage on card, by east anglian artist jazz green
abstract sheds collage - by suffolk artist jazz green
barns, rust and old iron - abstract collage suffolk landscape - by jazz green
collage on card - abstract barn structures - contemporary abstract art by artist jazz green
collage, small abstracts, barn structures suffolk - by artist jazz green
contemporary collage abstracts inspired by barns and sheds - by east anglian artist jazz green
small collage assemblage abstracts old sheds - by jazz green suffolk east anglian artist
rust, corrugated iron, wood shack, old sheds - mixed media collage by suffolk artist jazz green
suffolk contemporary mixed media abstracts on postcards - affordable art - east anglian artist jazz green artist
abstract collage on postcard, art inspired by barns, by contemporary suffolk artist jazz green
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